for julian

for julian

god gave me birds for bones
and they have come home to roost
i bruise on the inside of my mouth
tongue blooded to teeth
gums rotted soft next to powder teeth 

i am a diet flower that won't survive the winter
i am a love poem for people dying of feelings 

i am a rare squid with arms
in the shape
of what
used to be a person 

but sometimes i am the claw of the magnolia
drunk on its own scent
who fears nothing 

i am a cadillac with no doors
and i fucking dare you to break in 

i'm a paradise riot
i'm a boy pretending to be a lion pretending to be a king 

i am not body
but idea of body 

i am the fear you have beauty is not real
the voice who screams
art is dead
while you try to sleep 

i am a poem you never wrote
because the lights were turned off
and you were high on communism 

i am every burning cop car there ever was and ever will be
even when i cannot walk

Olivia Max GraceComment