b. 1986, HK.


i am not entirely sure who i am but sometimes identify as a genderqueer artist(?) and usually wear oversized sweaters. i like plants, really clean counters, and white sheets. recently, i made the transcontinental journey from washington, dc to oakland, ca in search of more calm or more ocean. i spend most of my energy trying to fight racism, fascism, capitalism, the hetcispatriarchy, and especially the prison system. while i tell people that i paint late at night, i'm probably reading twitter.

sometimes, i write. read some of it here in november. read more of it here now.

my writing has been published in Caper Literary Journal, 8 Poems Literary Journal, and Looking Glass Magazine. i have had art printed in Caper Literary Journal and various zines including photos in Notes on Survival. gallery showings in brooklyn, dc, nyc, and richmond, va include: Torpedo Factory, Workhouse Art Center, Gallery 5, Greenpoint Gallery, Townhouse Art Gallery, Plaza Hotel, Galli Gallery, Webster Hall, and NY Studio Gallery.